Mrs. JJ Thomas

Assistant Instructor

JJ Thomas earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Delaware in 2000.  She began using Dry Needling in her practice after taking her first course with KinetaCore® in 2009.  She completed her CMTPT in 2010, and became a certified instructor for KinetaCore® in 2012.  She has found the Dry Needling technique to be an amazing addition to the other continuing education courses she has taken, including Neural Mobilization, Mobilization with Movement, Spidertech Kinesio Taping, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment™.

JJ has spent a large portion of her career in the treatment of athletes, and takes a special interest in analyzing functional movement patterns as they relate to both injury and recovery.  She also has a strong background in Aquatic therapy and will often utilize this to allow patients early return to function.  JJ participates actively in running and yoga and enjoys applying her personal experience to educate patients on modifications for return to athletics.