Marcy Linxwiler

Assistant Instructor

Marcy Linxwiler, PT, DPT, received her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Louisiana State University-New Orleans in 2004, and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2014.  She has been the owner and Senior Therapist of Linx Physical Therapy and Wellness Center since 2006, now with two locations in Louisiana.  She specializes in treating chronic pain and orthopedic conditions, and has been certified in SFMA and FMS which she integrates regularly into her practice.  Marcy has continued her education in Kinesiology Taping, Spinal Maipulation, and Mulligan Mobilization techniques, for which she is a Certified Clinical Instructor. 

Marcy completed her Dry Needling training with KinetaCore in May, 2011 and has been an assistant instructor with KinetaCore since 2014.  She lives in Louisiana with her husband and two daughters.