Mr. Jason Douglas

Jason graduated with his Bachelors of Physical Education in 2008 and his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2011 from the University of Alberta in Canada. He is the co-owner and Clinic Director of Momentum Health West Springs, a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic in Calgary. Jason’s physical therapy approach emphasizes manual therapy and individualized rehab aimed at retraining the body after injury by focusing on the neuromuscular system and segmental spinal input. Taking KinetaCore’s Functional Dry Needling series in 2012 allowed Jason to advance his manual treatment skill and opened up the door to treating high-level athletes, including Olympic level gymnasts, world ranked boxers, swimmers and mixed martial artists. Jason uses FDN on a daily basis with all patients – from athletes to work injuries and car accidents. When not working with patients in clinic, Jason enjoys snowboarding, squash, mountain biking and boxing in Calgary.